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This word has never been used so much like today: Sustainability. But, after all, what is sustainability?

According to Wikipedia: "Sustainability is a systemic concept; related to the continuity of economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of human society."

But you can still think, "What all this may mean in practice?"
We can say " in practice ", that this concept of sustainability is to support farming areas or the use of earthly resources (natural or otherwise) in order to cause the least amount of damage, and to maintain the balance between the environment and human communities and the entire biosphere. It may seem like a difficult plan to be achieved and, in many cases economically unviable. However, it is not so. Even human affairs have a high impact on the environment such as mining; plant removal, large-scale agriculture; the manufacture of pulp and paper and all others; the achievement of sustainable practices in these enterprises; proved to be economically possible and in many of them brought an extra financial strength.

Thus, the ideas of business projects that meet the sustainability criteria began to multiply and spread to several places. Many communities that once lived suffering from diseases of all kinds; caused by pollution from industries located in their neighborhoods have seen their quality of life be slowly recovered and improved throughout the development of these sustainable projects. Similarly, areas that were once considered to be condemned to death by predation today have a great chance to recover after the acceptance of exploration projects with solid foundations on sustainability and possibility of a non-predatory use of available resources. Likewise, taking care that the involvement of communities living in these regions is full and they gain something from it; everyone wins and see to it that projects achieve the expected success.

The exploration and extraction of resources is more practical and ensures the possibility of recovery from the degraded areas. The key to sustainability is a successful practice and being applied more often to large enterprises. Meeting the human needs for natural resources, ensuring continuity of local biodiversity; and maintaining or improving the quality of life of the communities is an ongoing challenge that must be overcome daily in the extraction areas. The seriousness of the monitoring authorities and environmental organizations, as well as ensuring efficient inspectors and penalizing instruments, are the concept of sustainability, convening power of ideas and forming opinions still much higher than already exists today.

Put simply, we can say that ensuring the sustainability of a project or a particular region; is to guarantee that even explored areas will continue to provide resources and economic and social benefits for communities who live there for many generations; keeping the life force and the capability to regenerate despite the continuing action and the active presence of the human hand.



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