About RealLogs

For over 14 years, the RealLogs - Wood Treatment Plant - has immunized eucalyptus as its raw material. Our wood comes from reforested areas, which ensures the proper environmental preservation, publicly favorable and economically affordable. The RealLogs is a solid company, founded to generate social and economic development in our region. From the beginning, products are selected for our consumers to be sure that they are getting a fully approved goods within environmental laws.

The RealLogs works with determination, honesty and commitment. Success for us is achieving the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers, with the assurance that our customers are making the right choice by picking our high quality products, competitive prices, rapid and efficient delivery of their orders.

Respect for the environment is our main concern, so RealLogs uses only wood coming from reforestation, ensuring the quality of treated wood and, above all, the satisfaction of those who trade with us


Our team

The team RealLogs is made up of qualified professionals with experience in treating wood, which further ensures the quality of our products and the efficiency of our service.

RealLogs President, Mr. Ederson C. Leal, 18 years experience in Minas Gerais, Itamarandiba, especially with certified Eucalyptus Cloeziana tree farming and lumber production; substantial experience in commercial factory & facility development, licensing, construction in Brazil & USA; the first in Itamarandiba to obtain environmental certification and licensing of a Eucalyptus Lumber Treatment facility under the strict new environmental laws of of Brazil; fluent in English, Portuguese, general capability in Spanish. Contact: Mr. Ederson C. Leal, President, RealLogs.



Rodovia MG 117.KM03
Itamarandiba, MG
TIM (38) 9136-8422
VIVO (38) 9900-0199
Email: reallogspresidente@gmail.com

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